Testimonial & Review Results Disclosure

The documents sets forth tthis website's owners policy in only using non-deceptive practices when sharing testimonials , reviews and edorsements about the Boatel California.

(a) For purposes of this part, an endorsement means any advertising message (including verbal statements, demonstrations, or depictions of the name, signature, likeness or other identifying personal characteristics of an individual or the name or seal of an organization) that consumers are likely to believe reflects the opinions, beliefs, findings, or experiences of a party other than the sponsoring advertiser, even if the views expressed by that party are identical to those of the sponsoring advertiser. The party whose opinions, beliefs, findings, or experience the message appears to reflect will be called the endorser and may be an individual, group, or institution.

(b)Endorsements and testimonials are treated identically in the context of its enforcement of the Federal Trade Commission Act and for purposes of this policy page.

(c)For purposes of this part, the term product includes any product, service, company or industry.

(d)For purposes of this part, an expert is an individual, group, or institution possessing, as a result of experience, study, or training, knowledge of a particular subject, which knowledge is superior to what ordinary individuals generally acquire.

When so used, throughout this site the reviews are a statement of the critic’s own opinions and not those of the film producer, distributor, exhibitor or site owner .